Tooth Sealant Leander TX

If you have young children, you might consider tooth sealant in Leander, TX. What’s a dental sealant? A plastic coating acts as a barrier on your child’s teeth. When children are young, they may not have developed good oral hygiene habits. This could mean they don’t brush their teeth regularly, they can’t reach to the back of their mouths, or they don’t floss. All of these factors can lead to cavities, especially on teeth in the back of the mouth. To prevent tooth decay, dental pain, and possibly expensive procedures down the line, a sealant can be quickly and easily applied in your dental office.

Renken Dentistry offers a tooth sealant procedure in our Leander, TX office. A plastic coating is painted on your child’s back teeth during a normal office visit. It takes just a few minutes to apply and it can save their teeth from cavities. The dental sealant fills in the cracks and grooves of the back teeth that bacteria would normally hide in. The sealant is natural covered and blends in with your kids’ teeth. The sealant is hard and meant to stand up to the force of chewing and wear and tear. It can also be reapplied as needed. 

Best of all? Kids love visiting Renken Dentistry! Our office is family-friendly and offers compassionate and friendly care to patients of all ages. Whether visiting our office for FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School or their regular dental check-up, kids love coming into Renken. We love teaching our littlest patients about dental routines and building a strong foundation of oral health habits. When kids go to the dentist early and often, they grow up without anxiety surrounding the dentist or dental procedures. Call 737.777.3325 to book an appointment for a tooth sealant procedure at our Leander, TX office!

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