Tooth Extraction

Do you have overcrowded teeth? Painful wisdom teeth coming in? There are many reasons why a tooth extraction is performed, including overcrowding, decay, damage from injury, or making room for dentures or implants. Our professional team completes teeth extraction in our Leander, TX office so there’s no need to see an outside specialist.

Types of Tooth Extraction

At Renken Dentistry in Leander, we perform two types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. We start by taking an X-ray to get a clear picture of what is going on inside your mouth. One of our experienced dentists will go over the procedure with you, including what to expect, recovery time, and after-care. Simple tooth extraction is when a tooth has already grown out past the gum line, and your dentist can simply latch onto it with forceps and remove it.

If your tooth is impacted or below the gum line, then surgical tooth extraction may be necessary. Wisdom teeth are usually impacted, which leads to a slightly more complex procedure. Our experienced dentists have performed both simple and surgical tooth extractions and will make sure the treatment is as smooth and comfortable as possible. First, your dentist will cut a small incision in your gums to reach the tooth. Sometimes, the impacted tooth must be cut into pieces so it can be removed.

Whether you need a simple or surgical tooth extraction, you can count on the compassionate team at Renken Dentistry. Our goal for all our Leander, TX patients is a happy and healthy smile. After your tooth extraction and recovery, you will feel the relief of having a painful tooth removed. Removing aching wisdom teeth or creating space for your remaining teeth can have a big impact on your mouth’s comfort and functionality. You’ll be smiling in no time!

Make an appointment with Renken Dentistry in Leander to discuss your oral health. One of our caring dentists will examine your mouth to determine if the tooth can be saved and what your options are. Call today!

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