TMD/TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly called TMD or TMJ, is a condition that affects the joint attaching your jawbone to your skull. TMD/TMJ causes tension in this joint and can result in teeth grinding, recurring headaches, and pain while chewing. Renken Dentistry in Leander, TX offers a variety of treatment options for patients suffering from this disorder.

People who suffer from TMD/TMJ can have discomfort on a daily basis. The disorder can make basic functioning like chewing and talking difficult. Some patients face debilitating headaches or painful jaw sensitivity. It can also lead to bruxism, the scientific name for teeth grinding. Regular teeth grinding can lead to pain as well as damage your teeth.   If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please make an appointment. Renken Dentistry is committed to bringing innovative solutions for TMD/TMJ patients to alleviate jaw pain, release muscle tension, and control additional symptoms, so they can regain a better quality of life. Here are a few ways we treat this disorder.


While commonly associated with cosmetic procedures, Botox has therapeutic uses as well. When injected directly into tense facial muscles the paralytic toxin can relieve pain in the jaw and lessen/eliminate headaches caused by bruxism. Botox has also proven to be a successful treatment of lockjaw for patients with chronic stress symptoms.

Mouth Guards

One common problem with TMD/TMJ is patients grinding teeth while asleep. At Renken Dentistry, we custom-fit patients for a night guard that prevents overnight clenching and grinding. Oral appliance therapy, in the form of mouthguards, can resolve pain by keeping the top and bottom teeth stable while you’re asleep. They can lead to fewer headaches and reduced joint pain because there is a significant reduction in tension and tightness in the jaw.  Mouthguards also protect teeth from sensitivity caused by bruxism.

Bite Corrections

In some cases, the cause of the TMD/TMJ symptoms is a tooth misalignment or bite issue. If this is the case, the best solution is to correct the alignment issue with orthodontics. Our Leander, TX dental office provides different orthodontic options based on the patient’s unique needs. For example, dental splints can be worn, and we also offer Invisalign and Six Month Smile. If the patient experienced teeth sensitivity or other problems, tooth overlays or dental crowns are also an option.

Each patient is unique. That’s why our TMJ dentists carefully assess your symptoms, mouth, and needs when creating a plan for treatment. If you are interested in relieving pain and effective TMD/TMJ treatment, make an appointment at our Leander office today.

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