Sports Teeth Guard Leander TX

If you or your family play sports or participate in highly active recreational activities, it’s important to protect your dental health with a high-quality, comfortable custom-fitted sports teeth guard. We see a lot of sports-related injuries in our Leander TX patients; while sports are a great, healthy way to stay active, they can also cause a lot of damage to your teeth. A custom mouth guard offers superior protection to your teeth and mouth and has also been shown to greatly reduce head injuries, such as concussions, from high-impact sports. If you or your loved one needs a quality athletic sports mouth guard, schedule your appointment with us today!

We love that our patients stay active and want to support them as much as possible; our comfortable custom mouth guards offer stellar protection for a wide range of popular activities such as bicycling, soccer, gymnastics, horseback riding and more. We recommend always taking the necessary precautions and wearing protective gear for activities where you make be subjected to dental or oral injury. A sports teeth guard protect your teeth from becoming broken or chipped from impact, as well as protect the soft tissues in your mouth from injury caused by your teeth. In addition, some dental injuries may not be covered by dental insurance.

A sports teeth guard is an essential piece of protective gear that should be in every athlete’s equipment bag. While you can buy mouth guards from most athletic supply stores, these “bite and boil” mouth guards often fit poorly and feel uncomfortable. In order to provide the best protection possible, it’s essential to have a mouth guard that fits properly, without sliding around or rubbing the inside of your mouth. Our mouth guards are custom-fitted to your own mouth, offering superior comfort and protection compared to anything you’d find at an athletic store.

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