Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is one service that makes us a great dentist for kids in Leander, TX. Our experienced dentists often recommend fluoride treatment for young children and teenagers because it is a powerful defense against cavities. When properly administered by a dentist, fluoride can even help repair and strengthen damaged tooth enamel that has already shown signs of decay.

What causes tooth decay? A harmful acid-producing mouth bacteria that creeps under the gums and settles on tooth causes cavities and further dental issues. Without professional dental care, this sticky plaque can inflict significant damage to your oral health. This is why establishing good dental hygiene habits in kids is so important and why we offer fluoride treatment in our Leander, TX office.

Why Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is important to maintaining healthy teeth. Many communities add fluoride to their tap water for its dental benefits. Most adults receive enough of this beneficial mineral from their normal diet, tap water, and using fluoride toothpaste. However, while children are developing their dental hygiene habits and their teeth we recommend fluoride treatments twice a year when they come in for their regular dental check-ups. If you are an adult that struggles with tooth decay, consider talking to your dentist about fluoride treatment the next time you are in our Leander, TX office.

Benefits of Fluoride

There are many benefits of fluoride treatments for both kids and adults, including:

  • Quick application completed in a single visit
  • Fluoride hardens the enamel, which strengthens teeth from the inside out
  • Effective at preventing cavities
  • Safe for patients of all ages
  • Halts decay from spreading
  • Can reverse early signs of tooth decay

With minimal downtime — simply avoid drinking or eating for half an hour — this fast treatment can help protect your teeth, or your child’s, against decay! Call us to make an appointment at our Leander, TX office today.

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