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Renken Dentistry is your Leander area solution for all your dental needs, from a simple exam to full consultation and fittings for custom dentures. Whether you want full cosmetic reconstruction for the smile you’ve always dreamed of, or just partial dentures to restore a few gaps, Renken Dentistry offers state-of-the-art procedures utilizing the latest technology, and a friendly, informative staff committed to putting you first.

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Dentures are replacements for your original teeth and come in three different styles that we at Renken Dentistry near Leander specialize in: traditional dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. Partial dentures are perfect for those who are missing only a few teeth and are removable bridges with a hidden metal framework that keeps them attached to the mouth. Traditional dentures are the kind most people are familiar with and are used if most or all teeth are missing. They are composed of a full set of false teeth attached to an acrylic base, which fits snugly against your gums. These are normally a less expensive option, but they can slip around in the mouth and cause discomfort. For a sturdy, complete solution for those who no longer have natural teeth, implant-supported dentures are a great option. Anchored securely in place by strategic points in the jawbone, implant-supported dentures won’t ever slip out of the mouth.

With mutual understanding a core tenant of our patient process, we want you to always fully understand our procedures just as we want to fully understand your unique dental and oral healthcare needs. All of our Leander area dentists are here to provide you with a complete consultation to discuss all of your options, and to answer any questions you may have to choose dentures option that’s right for you.

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