Dentures Crystal Falls TX

If you have gaps in your smile, dentures may be a viable option to get back a healthy, natural look. Whether you’re missing all your teeth or just a few, your local Crystal Falls, TX Renken Dentistry office is here to provide friendly, comfortable, insurance-approved, patient-first dental care for you and your family.

Dental Care Right for You

Some people think that dentures are only an option when all of your teeth are gone, but partial dentures are a perfect solution if only some teeth are missing. Made up of removable dental bridges that stay attached via a metal framework others can’t see, partial dentures are a great, natural-looking way to fill in any gaps to improve your smile. With a clasp on a small metal framework that’s kept out of sight, partial dentures stay secure during activities like chewing or talking without letting anyone know that you’re wearing them. Your dentist may also recommend tooth veneers to repair damages or hide imperfections on your remaining teeth.

Renken Dentistry at Crystal Falls also offers other dentures services for those that have lost most or all of their teeth, including traditional dentures – false teeth on an acrylic base that sit on the gums and can be removed – as well as implant-supported dentures that stay firmly in place thanks to implants placed in certain positions in the jaw. As teeth can sometimes shift into empty positions, making them difficult to clean and put excessive pressure on the jaw when chewing, dentures aren’t just cosmetic, but can greatly improve your oral and dental health.

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