Dentures Cedar Park TX

Missing teeth can severely decrease your self-confidence and make eating and chewing painful and difficult. If you’re tired of gaps in your smile, your local Cedar Park, TX Renken Dentistry office can provide you with natural-looking, comfortable dentures. From partial dentures to bridge small gaps to full implant-supported dentures to replace multiple teeth, the Cedar Park, TX Renken Dentistry office is here to provide you with affordable and top-notch dental care.

Finding the Right Dentures for You

There are three different types of dentures: partial dentures, which are removable bridges attached via a sturdy, hidden metal mesh that keeps them secure and in place; traditional dentures, the familiar full set of false teeth attached to a removable acrylic base that sits on your gums; and implant-supported dentures, which are used for patients who have no remaining natural teeth, and are anchored via implants embedded in the jaw, making them extremely secure and strong. All three types have their own unique advantages and potential drawbacks related to strength, affordability, and comfort. Your Renken Dentistry office near Cedar Park specializes in all three types of dentures, so they can help you make the best decision that’s perfect for restoring your own unique smile.

From cosmetic teeth whitening to oral appliance therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea, Renken Dentistry is dedicated to providing you and your family the best dental and oral care we can by using the best technology and treatments available. A better, brighter smile is just a call or click away: call us (737) 777-3325 or use our convenient online form schedule your first appointment today.

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