Dentures and Partials

Many patients, of all ages, need dentures for various reasons. You may have had an injury, needed teeth pulled, or lost teeth to gum disease. Whatever the reason, partial or full dentures can restore your smile completely. Replacing missing teeth can have a life-changing effect on patients who can now smile with confidence!

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and cause supporting facial muscles to sag or cave in. This can have a negative effect on appearance and self-esteem. Natural-looking dentures restore not just a full smile, but confidence as well. Renken Dentistry provides custom, natural-looking full and partial dentures in our Leander, TX dental office. These artificial teeth are made to fit in with your smile; we have a variety of colors, textures, and styles available. We help each individual patient find the best denture option for their needs and mouth.

Denture Options

Partial dentures are recommended when patients still have some natural teeth remaining. It consists of a gum-colored plate with prosthetic teeth attached. Partial dentures are removable and fill in the empty spots left by missing teeth. These dental bridges attach to your natural teeth with a metal frame.  

Traditional dentures are the full-sets you will recognize from movies and TV shows. This full set of artificial teeth are attached to an acrylic base that fits against your gums. They are less expensive than implant-supported dentures but unfortunately, they can slide around in your mouth and are less sturdy.

Implant-supported dentures are a perfect choice for patients with a strong support in the jawbone and no natural teeth remaining. An experienced dentist will insert dental implants to the bone, then connect the dentures to the implant. These dentures are typically worn on the bottom row of teeth because bottom dentures tend to be unstable. While the top row of teeth doesn’t usually need the full support of implants to remain in place, this type of denture can be worn on the lower and upper jaw.

Renken Dentistry brings the latest in denture technology to our patients in Leander, TX. These aren’t the dentures you remember from old TV shows! We custom-fit the treatment plan and dentures to your needs. Call us today to make an appointment.

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