Dentist for Children

Looking for a new dentist for children near Cedar Park, TX? It’s recommended that children see the dentist every six months to make sure their teeth are developing correctly. However, kids learn early on to be afraid of the dentist by seeing negative depictions in movies and TV shows. At Renken Dentistry in Crystal Falls, TX, we’re working to make the dentist’s office a fun and educational place to be for children of all ages. To schedule an appointment with our dentist for children near you, get in touch with us today!

Importance of Quality Dentistry

It’s important for kids to develop good habits when it comes to their oral health from a young age. At the dentist, they’ll learn not just how to brush and floss, but also how to develop lifestyle habits that will carry them through their developing years and keep their teeth healthy when they’re older.

Our dentists are trained to deal with children and know how to make their dental experience a memorable one. We offer a wide range of children’s dentist treatments to cater to your child’s individual needs, from regular exams and cleanings to preventive dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Think your child needs an appointment with our dentist for kids in Cedar Park, TX? Let us know.

Dentist for Children: FYSH School

Renken Dentistry offers a fun and educational way to get children excited about dental hygiene. It’s called the FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School. This program aims to clear up common misconceptions about oral hygiene and teach kids healthy habits in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. The FYSH School helps build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

The FYSH School also helps make the dentist near you less scary for kids and shows them from a young age that the dentist’s office is nothing to be afraid of. Our highly-trained staff can help kids learn about their oral health and give them the tools they need to take care of their teeth.

Renken Dentistry proudly serves the Crystal Falls, Leander, and Cedar Park, TX communities; to make an appointment for your child’s next dentist visit near you, call our office today.


"Dr. Renken is great! I've always been pretty freaked out about going to the dentist, and he is the first dentist I've been to where I don't feel the urge to jump out of the chair and run. ".
- Judy B.
"Great experience, friendly staff, and very honest on helping you develop the best oral care practices".
- Brian H.