Dentist for Children

Visit one dentist office for the whole family. Renken Dentistry has compassionate staff, interactive programs, and fun approach to dental care that engages children. We also have a range of services and top-quality dental care adults are looking for. With our convenient location in Leander, TX and extended office hours, we make it easy for the whole family to get to the dentist.

A Dentist for Kids

We recommend kids see the dentist every six months to ensure their teeth are developing correctly. The sooner you get young children to the dentist, the sooner they can start growing comfortable with the dental office and build strong oral hygiene habits. Kids learn early on from movies and TV shows to be afraid of the dentist. Combat old wives’ tales with regular visits to a fun, educational dentist!

It’s critical for kids to develop good dental health habits early on. Otherwise, they could start on a path that leads to tooth decay and discomfort. At Renken Dentistry, they’ll learn not just how to brush and floss, but also how to develop lifestyle habits that will carry them through their developing years and keep their teeth healthy when they’re older.

Our compassionate dentists are trained to help kids become comfortable with the dentist. We explain each treatment in age-appropriate language so kids know what to expect from a cleaning, cavity filling, or other procedure. We also offer a wide range of children’s dental treatments to cater to each patient’s individual needs, from regular exams and cleanings to preventative dental sealants and fluoride treatments. We provide plenty of cosmetic and reconstructive dental services that appeal to adults as well. You can rely on Renken Dentistry to be the dental office for the whole family. Come to see us when you need a dentist for children in Leander, TX and help your child build oral health habits that will serve them for a lifetime!

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