Dentist For Children Crystal Falls TX

For your child’s dental needs, a dentist for children in Crystal Falls TX is the dental office you’ve been searching for. Renken Dentistry serves all patients, from senior citizens down to the youngest children who are just learning good dental habits. Regular visits with one of our four doctors can help prevent tooth decay and establish good care habits such as brushing and flossing. Our associates will also apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to those patients who need it, helping you to keep those smiles bright.

Tooth decay is a preventable problem.

Good dietary and brushing habits established during childhood can stop cavities in their tracks. But brushing and avoiding sugar isn’t enough. Two dental exams and cleaning a year can address problems and establish a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Children’s dentistry at Renken will get your children started while they still have those precious baby teeth. And if you’re hoping to coordinate care for your entire family, we can help. With adult dentistry and specialist services available at each of our three offices, you won’t have to worry about jumping between locations for appointments. Your life is busy enough already. Why not schedule your appointments right alongside your child’s? We even offer complex services like root canal therapy and cosmetic dentistry for adults. With Renken, there’s no need to visit any other dental office.

Perhaps the high cost of dental work has been holding you back from visiting the dentist with your family. We offer monthly payment plans to qualified customers, plus our Health Assurance membership plan which can cover the costs of basic, preventative services at an affordable monthly fee. We also accept insurance from a variety of insurers and offer a Health Assurance plan for as low as $25 a month if you’re uninsured. Contact us today to learn more. At Renken, we believe that no one should be denied dental care. Whether you’re seeking an endodontist or a dentist for children in Crystal Falls TX, we can help.

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