Dental Sealants

If you have young children or teenagers, consider asking our experienced dentists about dental sealants. We regularly use dental sealants in our Leander, TX to prevent fissure and pit cavities in kids. Our dentists put these durable plastic coatings on the chewing surfaces of permanent back teeth to protect them from harmful decay.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a plastic barrier that is painted on your child’s teeth chewing surfaces. Airtight dental sealants keep out plaque, tartar, bacteria, and debris. They can prevent cavities and more serious dental issues while children are still learning how to care for their teeth properly.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • Protect against tooth decay
  • Tooth-colored and natural-looking
  • Specifically designed to be durable and to handle the force of chewing
  • Make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier
  • Easy to replace or touch up dental sealants that chip

We usually offer to apply dental sealants to young patient’s teeth as soon as the back molars come in. These hard-to-reach teeth are where cavities are most likely to occur. The plastic of the dental sealant fills in the cracks and deep grooves that bacteria would normally hide in. This creates a seal that keeps plaque at bay, preventing future cavities and tooth decay.  Applying the dental sealants in our Leander, TX office is fast, painless, and easy. Your child’s dentist will thoroughly clean the area before painting the sealant onto the enamel of the tooth. While sealants can last years with proper care, it is normal for them to wear down or chip over time. When your child comes in for regular dental check-ups, the dentist can check and re-apply them as needed.

Although usually dental sealants are recommended for children, adults can also benefit from this treatment. To discuss sealants for yourself or your child, call our office for an appointment!

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