Dental Insurance Leander

If you have dental insurance in Leander and are searching for dental care, contact Renken Dentistry today. Whether you’ve already enrolled in affordable health insurance or are hoping to sign up for a new plan, our friendly front desk staff can help guide you through all of the options available to you. We even offer a Health Assurance care plan to those without dental insurance at a low monthly fee. Available at three different coverage tiers to those without other dental coverage, these plans can cover your routine treatments. Our promise to serve all patients, regardless of insurance status, means that you can get started down the road to a healthier smile.

Protecting Your Smile

Perhaps you’re an anxious patient who has been putting off finding dental coverage for some time. We can relate–it can be so difficult to find affordable health insurance! But cost should be no barrier to better dental health. Nor should nerves. We provide sedation dentistry using laughing gas for our most anxious patients. With Renken, every visit is pain and worry-free. You might need extensive and involved root canal therapy or have an emergency sore tooth which needs to be addressed on a weekend. One of our four doctors is available to help. We’ll coordinate a care plan with you so that we can address both emergent problems and long-term issues. We also work with our patients to ensure that they’re well-educated about how to maintain ideal dental health.

At Renken, we don’t just clean your teeth. With three modern locations, friendly staff, and a commitment to the best in dental health, we’ll be your partners in revitalizing your smile. We’re personable, accessible, and understand the latest in treatment technologies, from sedation dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Whether you have dental insurance in Leander or are simply looking for a new dentist, call us today.

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