Dental Implants

Do you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth? Renken Dentistry wants to ensure you have a happy and healthy smile! That’s why we offer high-quality dental implants for our patients. If you’re considering implants, book a free consultation with us! You’ll get a free 3D scan and a personalized 5 point plan!

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants can help restore a full smile and help with daily activities including eating, speaking, laughing, and singing. Our Leander, TX dental office offers full-size dental implants and mini dental implants. These permanently installed implants allow patients to resume normal activities with renewed confidence in their smile!

First, you will come in for a free consultation to see if your mouth is suited for implants. An experienced dentist will examine you and come up with a personalized plan for treatment. We offer mini dental implants, full-size dental implants, and full mouth restoration, depending on each patient’s individual needs.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants act as a substitute for your tooth root. They provide an anchor for a substitute for your natural teeth, whether that’s dentures or dental crowns. A titanium post is fused with your existing bone by surgically inserting the implant directly into the jawbone. This offers a twofold benefit. It builds a solid foundation for replacements like crowns and dentures, so you can retain the appearance and function of your smile. Implants also prevent bone deterioration that can happen with missing teeth, preserving your facial structure and stopping a caved-in appearance from happening.

The dental implant protrudes through the gum, where a prosthetic tooth can be attached. That prosthetic can be a full set of dentures, a partial set of dentures, a dental crown, or a bridge. At Renken Dentistry in Leander, TX we recommend full-size dental implants for healthy patients with ample amount of strong bone, who want to replace one or more teeth with a crown.

Mini Dental Implants

We also offer mini dental implants for our patients. These are more affordable than traditional dental implants, take less time to install, and are less invasive. These mini dental implants usually work best for teeth that are smaller than average-sized. They can also be placed to anchor a replacement tooth in a narrow space, to stabilize lower jaw dentures, or for pre-molars.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our office also provides full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants in Leander, TX. This is for patients that need extensive help restoring their mouth. They may have several worn out, missing, or damaged teeth. Through the cosmetic process of dental implants and replacement teeth, we can restore your smile!  

Schedule an appointment with our office to discuss your needs and wishes. With dental implants and the right combination of dental treatments, our professional team can craft a beautiful, healthy, functioning smile for each patient!

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