Dental Implants and You

Dental Implants and You

The teeth you were born with were intended to serve you well throughout every stage of life. If you have missing teeth, it is so important to replace them, for restored mouth function and overall health.

A toothless smile or one with gaps can be very embarrassing. But besides the aesthetic aspect, without intervention, it may become more difficult to eat or speak the same way over time.

Benefits of Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary dental advancement that helps people feel and look better, regain lost self-esteem, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

  • Improve your Appearance – Implants help prevent the deterioration of bone, preserving the facial structure. When teeth are missing from the jaw bone, there is nothing left to stimulate growth. The jaw is no longer functioning to support teeth and therefore, serves no purpose and begins to waste away. As a result, the facial structure quickly deteriorates, making a person appear older than their years. Dental implants correct a fallen facial structure and take decades off your appearance.
  • Renew Your Self-Esteem – Just one missing tooth can wreak havoc on a patient’s mouth. An implant supported replacement, particularly in the front, will eliminate visible bone deterioration and provide a natural-looking restoration. Unlike traditional dentures, you never remove dental implants. You can brush and floss your teeth, eat, drink and sleep, without ever having to remove artificial teeth.

    The closest you can get to natural teeth, dental implants function as if you were born with them. The entire tooth, from root to crown is replaced. Everything appears natural and blends in well with the surrounding natural teeth. Only you and your dental care providers will know they’re artificial.
  • Maintain Healthy Natural Teeth – To place a bridge adjacent to a healthy tooth these neighboring teeth need to be prepared (shaved down). The tooth structure of these perfectly healthy teeth are permanently destroyed. Partial dentures are then snapped in place with clasps that attach to these adjacent teeth. This puts added pressure on the natural teeth and can eat away at gum tissue. Dental implants do not require damaging natural teeth because the surrounding teeth are not involved in the process.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

A healthy mouth has a direct impact on your whole-body health. Dental implants improve oral health and reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease, a chronic condition that can lead to diabetes, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, and more serious illnesses.

Dental implants are like your own natural teeth; you care for them with the same oral care practices. With daily brushing and flossing, and routine checkups, your renewed smile should last the rest of your life.