Dental Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is sometimes necessary for patients who want dental implants but don’t have enough strong bone for our dentists to insert titanium posts directly. Renken Dentistry offers dental bone grafting in-house in our Leander, TX office for ultimate convenience and accessibility for our patients. Once your bone grafting is complete, dental implants can be placed as an anchor for artificial teeth. Our experienced dentists will help you build the smile you’re looking for!

Who needs Dental Bone Grafting?

Some patients want dental implants but there isn’t enough strong bone to attach the posts. If you have lost a tooth, the jawbone is gradually absorbed by the body once there is no longer a tooth to anchor it. Bone loss is common in patients who suffer from tooth loss and elderly people. Without the stable framework of your jawbone, your face can cave in, causing a prematurely aged look. Fortunately, bone graft surgery can be used to restore bone after damage from trauma, gum disease, or tooth loss. Renken Dentistry also uses bone grafting in our Leander, TX office after tooth extraction to help maintain the patient’s facial structure.

Modern Advancements in Dental Bone Graft Surgery

Don’t be intimidated by the term “dental bone-graft surgery”. Renken Dentistry is proud to use innovative solutions and the latest technology to ensure our patients get the highest quality of dental care. Modern dental bone grafting has come a long way; it is no longer necessary to harvest large quantities of bone from the patient. Instead, we rely on xenografts, which are often processed from bovine material or cow bones. This modern method of using animal bone means the procedure is faster, less invasive, and more effective. Since the compounds are derived from organic sources, the human body recognizes it as a natural material and, over time, absorbs and replaces it with organic bone.

Renken Dentistry wants to make sure you have a happy and healthy smile. Our experienced dentists can build a foundation for functional and natural-looking teeth with dental bone grafting and dental implants. We do these restorative services in-house, so you just have to come to our Leander, TX office for all your dental care needs!

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