Child Dentist Leander TX

Finding a child dentist is the best way to introduce children to dentistry and teach them how to develop life-long healthy habits. At Ranken Dentistry, we make going to the dentist fun for your kids while providing them with compassionate, gentle care. We understand that dentistry can be a source of anxiety for children as well as adults, but we strive to make it a stress-free experience every time with fun and educational programs. If you’re looking for a family dentist in Leander TX who’s skilled at working with children, we’re confident you and your child will love our kid-friendly office.

Children feel most comfortable and learn the best when they’re having fun, which is why we’ve developed our special interactive FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School to help them learn about dental health. We break up dentistry for children into easy to understand, age-appropriate stages to help them gradually develop healthy habits. Children often have some preconceptions about dentistry from the way it’s portrayed on television or movies; we spend time clearing up these misconceptions and alleviating any fears they may have about general dentistry or upcoming procedures.

Choosing us as your dedicated child dentist allows your child to develop a relationship and trust with our team, contributing to less anxiety and dental avoidance in the future. We understand every child is unique; some may have special dentistry needs or require a different approach to feel comfortable. Our dentists are trained in a variety of methods and approaches to help every child feel secure and comfortably get the treatment they need.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry for children and adults; we want you and your family to have optimal oral health for years to come. We offer a full range of dental services using state of the art technology, from general dentistry to orthodontics to cosmetic procedures. When you’re looking for the best child dentist in Leander TX, contact us at (737) 777-3325 or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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