Ceramic Veneers

If you are embarrassed by chipped or damaged teeth, ceramic veneers can give you the perfect smile you’re looking for. This treatment is ideal for those with cracked, stained, uneven, or chipped teeth. An experienced dentist at Renken Dentistry in Leander, TX can custom-fit your mouth with veneers the same day of your appointment. You’ll no longer need to hide your smile!

Renken Dentistry is committed to bringing happy and healthy smiles to patients in Crystal Falls, Jonestown, Cedar Park, Leander, and the surrounding communities. Ceramic veneers are an excellent option for many patients who want to even out their smile. Veneers are a thin sheet of ceramic that adheres to the front of your tooth, giving your smile an even appearance without using orthodontics or dental crowns.

Benefits of Ceramic Veneers

There are many benefits of ceramic veneers at Renken Dentistry, including:

  • Made of ceramic, a durable material that is long-lasting
  • The material is more stain-resistant that your tooth’s natural enamel, meaning they will stay pristine for a long time
  • They can be created the same day as your appointment
  • They can be made in any color, so your veneers will look completely natural next to your natural teeth
  • A fast, affordable option to even your smile compared to more serious procedures, such as orthodontics
  • If your veneers break or crack, our dentists can easily replace them

Modern Dental Technology

Renken Dentistry uses the CERAC AC system, the latest in modern dental technology, to craft veneers in just one office visit. With this machine, your veneers can be made in as little as 15 minutes. These veneers will be custom-fitted for your mouth and made the appropriate color to match. Your dentist in Leander will remove some of your tooth’s natural enamel so the new veneer will fit seamlessly against the rest of your teeth. Before attaching your permanent veneer, the dentist will double-check the fit. You’ll leave with a beautiful, even smile!

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