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If you suffer from temporomandibular joints (TMJ) disorders, then you know the painful symptoms of an overworked joint: frequent jaw soreness, headaches, and even discomfort with common activities like talking, eating, or swallowing if your jaw becomes displaced or severely overworked. Fortunately, your local Leander Renken Dentistry office has a solution: Botox injections at specific sites along your jaw provide powerful and near immediate relief for TMJ. For patients without dental insurance, we offer a Health Assurance program starting as low as $25 a month to help you offset the cost.

Experience the Benefits of Botox for TMJ

You may be aware of the wrinkle-reducing cosmetic applications of Botox, but its use for the treatment of TMJ isn’t as well known, despite its effectiveness and safety. In usually just one visit to your Leander Renken Dentistry office, your doctor will perform the 10 to 30 minute procedure to inject Botox into sites on your temporalis, frontalis and masseter facial and jaw muscles. These injections safely and effectively prevent these muscles from performing the tensing and grinding motions that cause the common and debilitating symptoms of constant jaw pain or recurrent tension headaches. Many patients see improvement in their TMJ symptoms in as little as one or two days, and feel complete relief within one week after treatment. With just the “pin prick” mild pain of the injections and no invasive surgery, many patients also return to their normal daily activities immediately afterwards. The procedure is straightforward, quick, and requires no hospital stay.

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