Botox for TMJ Leander TX

If you thought you’d just have to live with the pain of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), you may be surprised to learn that we offer effective pain relief with Botox for TMJ. While commonly used in cosmetic procedures, the paralytic action of Botox allows the muscles of the jaw to relax, offering great relief from TMJ and headaches related to teeth grinding. If you live in the Leander TX area and suffer from TMJ, contact Renken Dentistry to discuss if Botox for TMJ is right for you!

Those who suffer from TMJ suffer from pain daily, making the most basic activities like eating and talking difficult. It can also cause debilitating headaches, painful jaw sensitivity, lockjaw from chronic stress and teeth grinding. Botox for TMJ can greatly improve pain and increase your quality of life. In addition to TMJ treatment, we also provide cosmetic Botox, so you can discreetly smooth fine lines in addition to receiving dental care.

Many patients who suffer from TMJ also grind their teeth while sleeping, wearing them down and contributing to further jaw and dental pain. Mouth guards offer effective pain relief and dental protection by preventing jaw clenching, grinding, and reducing jaw tension and tightness. A mouth guard is a removable device molded to fit your mouth and teeth which keeps the jaw joint slightly separated and relaxed while you sleep. We offer high-quality, custom-fit mouth guards to comfortably reduce teeth grinding and TMJ associated pain.

Sometimes TMJ can be caused by a misaligned bite or tooth; if this is the cause of your TMJ, we recommend correcting the alignment issue with orthodontics. We offer several different orthodontic options as TMJ treatment. In some cases, a misalignment can be corrected with a dental splint, which is similar to a mouth guard. We also offer Invisalign (also called invisible braces) and 6 Month Smiles. If you’ve been experiencing tooth sensitivity, there are other options available, such as tooth overlays and dental crowns.

At Renken Dental, we recognize that every patient is unique; that’s why we proudly offer a range of options for TMJ treatment in Leander TX, from Botox for TMJ to orthodontics, to effectively reduce your TMJ ass­ociated pain. If you’ve been suffering from TMJ pain, we can help. Give us a call today at 737-777-3325 to schedule your appointment to discuss which option is right for you!

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