Athletic Sports Mouth Guards

Sports are a fantastic way to stay active! They also are responsible for a large portion of all mouth injuries we treat at our Leander, TX dental office. The top front teeth usually see the brunt of the damage. Popular sports like bicycling, soccer, baseball, skating, horseback riding, gymnastics, and other activities put you, or your children, at risk for dental injury.

Renken Dentistry supports everyone who participates in physical fitness and youth sports. The benefits of keeping active are numerous. However, it is crucial to ensure you take necessary precautions to ensure you and your loved ones stay uninjured. A sports mouth guard protects the soft tissues of your mouth from being damaged, either by impact or your own teeth. They also prevent teeth from becoming cracked or chipped due to impact.  A major accident resulting in dental injury can not only result in significant pain and lasting damage, but it also might not be covered by your dental insurance.

This risk of injury doesn’t have to keep you from playing sports. Just as other safety equipment is required, an athletic mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment that should be in everyone’s gym bag, from young kids to adults. If you or your children engage in physical activities and sports, it’s important to protect your teeth. Since the front, upper teeth are the most likely to sustain injury from impact, Renken Dentistry offers custom-fit mouth guards to cushion your upper teeth. These custom-made athletic mouth guards can protect your child from losing teeth, broken teeth, and other damage to the face or jaw.

The athletic mouthguard you’ll get at our Leander, TX office is different than the ready-made guards you can buy at a sports store. Renken Dentistry provides custom-fitted athletic mouth guards that are made specifically for your mouth. The custom-fit offers better comfort and protection. Schedule an appointment with our office for a fitting today!

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